Online registration is preferred for all memberships. Registration must be done online for all Family memberships. If online registration is not possible please contact us at for alternatives.

Seasonal family memberships can choose to sign up for swim lessons weekly or for the full season.

Membership Categories


Season $318 ($298 before june 15th) 

2-weeks $281

Seasonal or 2-week membership for couples and their immediate offspring under the age of 21. 

The two week family membership includes swimming lessons and activities for up to 2 children. Children must be from the same family and living at the same cottage.

Individual / Couple

Individual $137

Couple $274

Seasonal membership for individuals or couples without children.


Individual/Couple $114

Seasonal membership for retired individuals or couples.


2-weeks $63

Limited membership category. For students, extended family, friends and adult guests (Non-voting & Limited privileges) 

Youth Swimming and Activties

Youth swimming and activities can be added to any full season family membership. Swimming and activities are included for 2 children in the 2 week memberships. Additional children will be charged at the weekly rate.

Beginner Club (3-5)

Swim Lessons

Season -  $88

Weekly - $21


Season - $29

Weekly - $8

Junior Swim Club (6-10)

Swim Lessons

Season -  $122

Weekly - $26


Season - $59

Weekly - $14

Lifesaving (11-16)

Lifesaving lessons

Season -  $150


Season - $59

Weekly - $14


Guests are permitted to join their hosts at the club property. They are not permitted at members-only events. 

Child guests may be added to full season family memberships for 55$/week - for a maximum of 2 weeks. This gives them access to swimming and activities along with the members that accompany them.