Who are we

We are a community of residents of Sixteen Island Lake who gather each summer at the club to enjoy swimming, social events, regattas and a sense of community.

Volunteerism and participation of the club membership is strong and encouraged to support all our programming. A commitment to building the lasting  club memories we all cherish for years to come.

The club offers 7 weeks of swimming and activity programming for the youth as well as various social events for all its members during the summer season.


Founded in 1907, the Sixteen Island Lake Fishing Club was made up of resident recreational fisherman, who saw the need enforce fishing regulations and ensure the protection of the fish in Sixteen Island Lake and its neighbouring lakes. As the years past the interest in fishing faded and social and waterfront activities took its place.

In 1947, the Club House was built in its current location. Social events were hosted most Saturday nights throughout the summer season. In 1952, the first lifeguard was hired and the Club dock came to life during the hot summer afternoons.

Over the years the club programming evolved with the help of several activities directors. Activities included instructional swimming lessons, lifesaving, diving, boating, sailing, aqua fitness, pilates and more. 

A strong community has always be in place at the club with its members hosting all sorts of social events. Dinners, dances, skit nights, children's parties and more have been occurring seasonally for all its members to enjoy.

Mission Statement

The sixteen Island Lake Fishing Club (the Club) acts as a not-for-profit cooperative of interested individuals and families to deliver quality recreational and social programs on a seasonal basis to its membership. The club delivers social and educational programs to its adult membership as well as leadership and developmental opportunities to its youth. 

We also support the conservation and preservation of our natural environment. 

Finally, the club provides a meaningful opportunity for all stakeholders within our community to participate in the club’s program design and implementation through volunteerism.