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Youth Program

Swimming lessons - Afternoon Activities -

Evening Program

The calendar is packed once again with activities for youth. 


Swimming lessons will begin on June 29th. Consult the swim schedule for times.Please pay your membership fees prior to your first day of swimming lessons, as it makes it a lot easier to organize the groups. 


As always, diving and boating activities will be open in the afternoons several times a week, as well as other fun activities. Please consult the full calendar for specific times and days.


Movie night and fun night begin the week of July 1st. 


Youth Council takes place every Tuesday at 4pm. Youth Coucil elections will take place on July 1st at 3:3pm.


All youth activities are listed on the calendar. 

Special Activities

Summer 2017

Activities for Toddlers (1-5 year olds)

Monday Morning Parents and Tots Playgroup

A fun filled hour of activities for the youngest members of the club. A range of activities will be made available including, dancing, music, arts, play-doh and blocks. Playgroup will take place on July 13th, July 20th, July 27th and August 3rd, from 10-11am at the club!

Story and Craft Time

Run on a volunteer basis, story and craft time will take place every Friday this summer from 10-11am. If you are willing to volunteer to read a selection of books and organize a special craft activity, please sign up at the club early this summer. 

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