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Swimming and Boating Regattas

Swimming Regatta and Boating Regatta

The swimming regatta will take place on July 23rd starting at 9am. Let's hope for a beautiful, sunny day for this summer's regatta.

The boating regatta will take place on July 20th. The Junior competitions will start at 9am, followed by the adult competition at 2pm. We look forward to seeing everyone out in canoes and kayaks participating in some friendly competition.  


As always, the canteen will be open throughout the day for both regattas - drinks, coffee, muffins, hot dogs and burgers will be sold, as well as special treats. Don't forget to bring some cash to purchase some delicious snacks! 


The first place prizes from last year (wooden carved plaques) will be available for purchase throughout the season. 






Regatta Schedule 2016

Bi-Lake - July 19th (Lake Manitou)


Swimming Regatta - July 23rd 9am


Boating Regatta - July 30th (9am Junior)

                                                   (2pm 18+)



Tri-Lake - August 3rd at Sixteen Island Lake




Bi-Lake and Tri-Lake

This year's bi-lake will take place on July 19th at Lake Manitou. 


The Tri-lake will be hosted by Sixteen Island Lake and will take place on August 3rd. 

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